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Have questions or concerns about your video recording system?

Do not worry, we are here to help! Simply refer to our frequently asked questions and instructional videos at the bottom of this page or select the type of system that you have for more common troubleshooting directions. The type of system you have can be matched to the icon that most resembles your keypad. As always, if you need additional support, or if you do not see your system listed, please call our office (501-316-0173) and we will be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Experiencing an issue?

Q: My keypad says it has a low battery, is this something I can change myself?

​      A: Yes, in most cases, changing a sensor battery is similar to changing the battery in a car remote. Please click on your keypad below for more information.

​Q: If I cancel my landline/internet service will it mess up my alarm system?

​     A: If your keypad has a touchscreen then it communicates through its own cell unit inside of the panel. It does not need a landline or internet. However, if you have any cameras (not including the video motion detector) then an internet connection is required for remote viewing. If your keypad is not touchscreen, please call our office to verify the communication type.

​Q: I can not see my cameras on my phone.

​      A: Make sure you phone is not on the same local network at the camera system.Changing internet providers, or just routers, can also cause this issue. Please call the office to be walked through the port forwarding if you have a new router.​​