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7. Icons on the Keypad.

Sometimes abnormal icons will appear on the screen. This is common. The most common icons to appear will be on the screen after you hit SECURITY. There may be one or more icons. Each icon has a different meaning. A yellow triangle represents a system trouble. If it is flashing, then you may be hearing the keypad beep periodically. The beeping can be stopped by tapping on the icon, reading the error message, and then pressing OKAY at the bottom of the screen. This will also describe the current error that the system is having. Please refer to other sections of this guide to further troubleshoot. If there is a red bell shaped icon, this indicates the system recently experienced an alarm. Tap on the icon and it will inform you with information about the previous alarm. To clear the alarm history and get the icon removed, tap the checkbox "clear alarm history" at the bottom of the screen and follow the onscreen instructions.

Common Problems and Solutions

How To Test Your System

To test your system please follow the steps below (Please note that there will be a lot of loud beeping during this process):

1. Call the monitoring room and put your account on test at 1-866-901-2002.  You will be asked to give your password on file.  You may tell them a time frame like 1 hour long or however long you may need.

2. Go to your panel and select “Security”, “Menu” and “Toolbox”. You will be prompted to enter your four digit code. Then on the first screen should be “System Test”. 

3. You may then go through the building and open/close each device one at a time.  The panel may beep three times per activation of a sensor. (Example: if you open the front door it may beep 3 times and when you close the door it may beep 3 times)  Please note that when triggering the motion detector it will have a 1-2 minute reset time after each activation.

4. If a sensor was opened and the panel did not recognize the trigger please contact the office to schedule a service call as that sensor may need replacing.

5. After all sensors have been tested you may exit this menu at the bottom of the screen and click the home button.

1. System is too loud when arming/disarming the panel.

When arming or disarming the system at the keypad, there will be a small speaker symbol on the right hand side of the screen. If you press this before pressing any other buttons, the system will be silent unless there is an alarm.

2. Doesn’t talk when a door is opened.

This is called the Chime feature. This can be found by pressing "security" and then "menu". At the bottom of the screen will be two check boxes with "CHIME" and "VOICE". If the boxes are checked then they are turned on. If they are not checked then they are off.

5. Low Battery.

This is a great thing about 2Gig. If a battery is low, it will tell you verbally what device has a low battery. If multiple (3 or more) zones have a low battery, there may be a takeover module on site that has a low battery. A takeover module will require a service call due to the complexity and variants between systems. If an isolated device has a low battery, you are welcome to change it but be sure to use lithium batteries over alkaline batteries. Glass breaks and smoke detectors require two CR123A batteries for each device. Motion detectors require one CR123A battery. Door contacts require 1-2 CR2032 Batteries depending on model. Key fobs require one CR2025 battery. These are common batteries and can be found in most retail stores.

4. Tamper.

Tamper means that a device is not securely mounted or the cover has come loose. For example, if the panel says CONSOLE TAMPER, press firmly on the top of the panel towards the wall. If it goes away then the panel needs to be re-secured by removing the screw on top of the panel and then reseated on the base. If a zone or device has a tamper, apply firm pressure on the device and listen for a click. This issue is common after attempting to change batteries. If not resolved, this will require a service call to repair.

2Gig Troubleshooting

3. Trouble.

If the system has a trouble, the word "security" will be yellow instead of green. To see what the trouble is, press security then touch the yellow or orange triangle beside "menu" on the screen. The keypad will then display the trouble conditions. See common trouble conditions below.

6. Loss of Supervision.

This occurs when the panel is no longer to communicate with a device or when a device is just on the edge of being too far away from the panel. If a device shows a low battery and a loss of supervision, then the battery is likely completely dead. If the battery is not showing low, we recommend replacing it anyway. If this does not resolve the issue, a service call will be needed.

8. Radio Network Failure/Cell Phone Test.

The 2Gig GC2 system communicates via an integrated cellular communicator. This is how the system is independent of landline or internet communications. When this trouble condition appears on the keypad, it means that the last periodic communication test was unsuccessful. To perform another test, select “Security”, “Menu” and “Toolbox”. You will be prompted to enter your four digit code. Then scroll through the menu looking for "Cell Phone Test" (found on the third page). Select this option when found. You may be asked to enter your code again. After doing so, the test will start. If the test is successful, the trouble condition is resolved, if it fails, please contact our office so we may aid you in resolving this issue